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Some of the largest companies in the US call Atlanta home, led by Coca-Cola. Some well-known companies headquartered in Atlanta are: Coca Cola, PepsiCo, AT & T, General Electric and many more. If you want to take your music career to a new level in a big city, there are many possibilities here in Georgia.

Planning and development of Sunday services, including piano and organ music, and the direction of the community song. The tasks include accompanying musicians in the divine service as well as a variety of other tasks such as music director, organist, choir director and choir secretary.

The musical support of church organizations as indicated in the church calendar for Sunday services, Sunday Mass and other services.

If you are attending AIMM and would like to purchase your music certificate in the comfort of your East Point, GA, learn more about the AimM Online Program here. If you are seriously considering applying to a music college, click on the button below to learn more about our online music education program for students and faculty in your area.

AIMM's Instrument Training Program is open to students from East Point, GA, Georgia Tech and other schools. Students must choose an instrument, such as an electric guitar, violin, piano or cello, and a string instrument.

If you are passionate about music and want to turn your skills into a promising and fruitful career, the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers a variety of programs that will appeal to everyone. By attending a state-run - the - Academy of Art Music, you have the opportunity to network with today's professionals and expand your career opportunities. This combination enables students to acquire the skills necessary to write, perform, record and produce music. After graduating from the music academies, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in each course of study.

If you are still in the research process, we urge you to check out all of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media programs before making your final decision. If you are seeking a college degree, you can choose between several schools, including Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, University of Georgia and Georgia Southern University.

The music school's educational programs combine the instrument training of East Point students with technology, recording and technology. The primary goal is to provide middle school musicians with a higher education that will provide them with an environment in which to develop and at the same time prepare them for their careers in the music industry and the arts in general.

I believe we could fit together well, and I want to give the students at East Point Georgia the best chance to succeed in their music careers and careers in the music industry.

AIMM prides itself on being one of the best music education programs in the country and I am confident that we are a good match. The faculty has a great track record in its career and the experience I share with students at East Point. Only you can answer the question of whether this is the right solution for your students and for the music industry as a whole.

The Music Production program at our Music Academy offers aspiring musicians the superior education and skills they need to succeed in the fields of sound engineering, media and recording careers. Once you are ready to jump from student to professional, we will find the most effective way for your students to succeed.

We are pleased to announce that the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) at East Point Georgia Music School is offering a new music production program for our students. As you all know, we offer our students a high quality music education that includes the music and media industries. At Georgia State University of the Arts, and the only music college in Georgia with a bachelor's degree in music production, AAMM is a highly regarded music college that serves East Point and provides the highest quality education to its students in all areas of music. Through our music academy and music production programs at our music school, we enable them to develop their careers in the best possible way in any desired field.

We share God's gift of music and win people over to God and the Church by strengthening the liturgical experience, thus promoting evangelization, discipleship and church growth.

In front of the library is Victory Park, dedicated to the citizens of East Point who died serving our country. The north wall is covered with Art Deco signs, and the Centennial Quilt is made of the same fabric as the Memorial Quilter on the south side.

In the lobby of the City Auditorium, there is a custom-made display case with the East Point Centennial Quilt. Over the years, the building has been converted into several different businesses, but most recently it was used as an office for the Georgia Department of Public Safety and the Atlanta Police Department. Puckett accompanied Fiddler Gid Tanner to New York, where twelve songs and melodies were recorded for the Columbia Phonograph Company from March 7 to 8.

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More About East Point