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The West End may have had successful vegetarian and vegan restaurants for decades, but don't be fooled by Morningside itself. In Atlanta, you can eat some of the best joints in a nondescript strip mall. Greensprut is considered the best Chinese food in town, and the vegan grill is no exception, dating back to its humble beginnings in the early 1990s. There's good news: Atlanta is finally meatless food (where do you think Soul Vegetarian comes from?), and everything is in Decatur.

Adirondack chairs plopped while waiting to be made the perfect addition to the neighborhood. The Herban Fix remains one of those vegetarian places that can often be pigeonholed as "vegetarian" places, but the cleverly seasoned roast whiting tastes like the best of both worlds. Slutty Vegan even goes so far as to name its Impossible Burgers after its vegan burger, which is the only one in the world as good as the real one. Since we moved to the Westview neighborhood in January last year, all the celebrities have been eating there and they've all been captured eating on Instagram.

Native Caribbean and West Indian people may be used to their boasting in grilled form, but they have every right to do so, because the stuff is amazing. There is an authentic Gujarati flavour that is magically good, making it one of the best vegetarian options in the area. Virginia Highland and its pizza are a lot of guilt, which is not a business - as long as it satisfies the taste for meaty delicacy. You might get bored of using it, and you probably have a right to do so because it's not as good as the rest of your menu, so blaming it is not a breach of contract for you.

There is also plenty of healthy food in this tropical place, so it should come as no surprise that you can make grilled sauce and imitation tofu schnitzel. If you prefer Philly cheese steaks with a little more bite and a little less meat, this sauce is the perfect way to start the SV meat menu. There are plenty of healthier foods in the tropics, but it's the jackfruit-grown BBQ sandwich that steals the show. It fills you with what you missed, with its rich, spicy and spicy - but not too hot - BBQ sauce and the sweet and sour sauce.

Order the Dungeness crab leg platter at Leila's Land of the Sea: fresh crabs cooked to perfection, then showered in freshly chopped garlic and drowned in warm butter. It's the perfect appetizer or pop pop for lunch or dinner, and it has everything. Try it dipped in curry sauce or topped with truffles and wild rice with sautéed mushrooms.

Serve the sautéed seafood cake and place it over rice that tastes like Gagne Cracked Code Rice - A - Roni (code for "rice of aroni").

The menu includes eight different donuts, including chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chips and rose cardamom doughnuts. If you're looking for something different from the typical breakfast, lunch or dinner, make sure you check out the breakfast menu at Eastside Cafe.

The Nubian salad is your normal salad, with all the vegetables and crunchy stuff you throw into a dressing. So fried soy ribs, Jamaican tacos, seasoned black beans and lime burritos are on the menu in four layers and just a few names you could wish for. The menu includes various salads, sandwiches, soups and side dishes, as well as salads and pasta. They have a wide range of house soups, such as chicken and rice soup, as well as pork and beef soup.

The calorie count at Oz Pizza is great, but the marinara sauce just makes it even better. The pizza dough is laden with more mozzarella and still folded, and what makes it even more delicious is that there is a heaping marinade area on the side, which is the perfect accompaniment to the hot sauce and the heated red peppers.

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The menu varies by location, but those who are used to eating one or two types of meat - free options when eating - will certainly be blown away. BGR Grille prefers to keep their steaks and burgers decorated with traditional tomatoes, lettuce and onions. The burgers are the place where we find our sweet spot, and we have a wide selection of burgers, fries, salads, fried eggs and more. We like our burgers with fried egg and a side of fried green tomatoes on the burger and our fries with lettuce, tomato, onion and bacon.

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More About East Point