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Governor Brian Kemp will address the people of Georgia at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. He will be joined by Governor Nathan Deal, Secretary of State Karen Handel and other state officials to review progress in state initiatives to promote economic development and growth.

Atlanta will receive more than $8 million to improve its counterterrorism efforts as part of the Department of Homeland Security's National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). In addition, $2.5 million will be invested over the next five years to support the development of an anti-terrorism training program in seven states, including Georgia.

Terrorist incidents are rare here, with the exception of the famous bombing during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and the authorities are actively working to keep it that way. The city has experienced relatively few natural disasters, but the tornado risk in Atlanta is much higher than the national average, as is the risk of extreme hail, the National Weather Service said.

While we continue to present the goals that make our state wonderful, take the right precautions and add them to your bucket list at a later stage. However, note the crime statistics that are collected for each area of Georgia, as these data statistics may not directly reflect all cities in Georgia. Here are the FBI crime data for Georgia in 2014, based on crime per 100k per capita. If you want to see last year's list of the top ten most dangerous cities in the United States and how that list compares with previous years, check out our previous post on the top ten worst cities for crime in America.

If you choose to use public transport instead of driving, stay alert on MARTA and avoid the neighbourhoods. Some areas are safer than others, including the Atlanta Metro station and parts of Cobb County, Cobb County, Gwinnett and Cobb counties. If you use a car-rental app like Uber or Lyft, share your route with friends and family, but don't sit in the front seat. Don't use the app's features to share the location with someone you care about, so they can make sure your ride ends where it should.

Unless otherwise required, WellStar visitors can arrange their own transport to and from the hospital and other hospitals.

For full coverage, visit 11Alive.com (coronavirus - covid-19) and stay up to date with cases worldwide. Learn what you need to know about Georgia specifically, learn more about symptoms, and find out if you can now request records with release in MyChart. Call the MARTA Information Number at 404 - 848 - 5000 or visit the My Chart Learn More page.

Tickets already purchased or issued for the event will be redeemed on the date agreed with the organisers and airport officials. Atlanta Public Schools expects the district to remain closed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, as severe weather and possible disruptions to school operations loom.

Visitors can enjoy the cafeteria or visit the grounds during this time, but we recognize that this can be an inconvenience. Eastpoint is a fun place to be, whether you want to sample fresh seafood in local restaurants, watch fishing boats unload their catch or embark on your own boating adventure. If you want to fish from the shore, visit the popular fishing pier of the municipality, which is parallel to the bridge over the island of St. George. Experienced captains are available to accompany you on guided domestic and offshore fishing charters.

WellStar Atlanta Medical Center volunteers attend to the information desk and gift shop at the Midtown and East Point locations. Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one hour a day, seven days a week for the first three months of the year and at least three hours a month during the summer months.

Before renting a car, always check that it is equipped with a mobile phone app and compatible with Google Maps. Another option is to take a photo of the car and the driver's license plate and send it to family and friends.

Women's phones are a major target for thieves from Atlanta, so keep your phone hidden whenever possible. Tighten your handbag and close it to your body or better still wear an anti-theft waist under your clothes and store sensitive items there. Be careful not to disclose personal information when logging into airport Wi-Fi networks, as fraudsters and hackers may be able to crack your data.

Another scam that has put Atlanta tourists on the hook is one in which fraudsters pose as parking attendees, fraudulently take the driver's money while parking, then attach a trunk to the car after leaving the car and demand to take the trunk out for cash when it returns. Beware car hire firms: In one high-profile incident in 2017, an Uber driver was seen picking up a woman in a Buckhead bar and then sexually assaulting her.

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